Client Testimonials

Our Client base is predominantly London Black Taxi drivers, self-employed individuals and small businesses.

"I have been with ABC for 6 years and I am very happy with the service and have recommended other taxi drivers to join!"
Domingos Pereira- London taxi driver

" I recommend ABC to everyone because I really think you are a very professional team. The patience and attention you treat your clients with is remarkable, especially for people who come from other countries and don't understand UK accounting legislation."                                                                                                Celia Maza de Pablo- Journalist

 "Very happy with service and very helpful at all times!"
David Balkin- London taxi driver

 "ABC is excellent!"
Bruno Simmons- London taxi driver

 "ABC offers a professional service. My wife & I are very satisfied with the results they achieved with the Inland Revenue!"
G Burns- London taxi driver

 "I have been with ABC for over 4 years now. They were recommended to me by my brother and I have recommended several other people who are truly satisfied with them! I find them unbelievably helpful, supportive and understanding. A friend of mine, who is with another accountant, is charged every time they make a phone call or write him a letter, ABC Accountancy does not do this! I am very happy."
Tom Sarsfield- London taxi driver

 "I couldn’t be more satisfied. They listen!"
Terry(‘Tuckboat’) O’Mara - London taxi driver

 "When I first approached ABC Accountancy some several years ago, my financial affairs were in considerable disarray. However with supreme courtesy and notable efficiency matters were placed on an even keel, and from that time I have had no reason for anxiety concerning anything related to my accounts. I have no hesitation in recommending this company for its scrupulous handling of both business and personal finances, and for it’s integrity and total honesty!"
Bryan Larkin- Bryan Larkin Interior Services